Scrolls is shutting down
By: Hopefighter, 2015-06-30 12:24:46

Scrolls is shutting down

Hello Scrolldiers,

Many of you will allready know, but the Scrolls Team confirmed that Echoes will be the last Set coming to Scrolls, and the Servers will only be kept running until July 1st, 2016. While there will still be balance changes, no new Content will be released anymore.

What does this mean for Scrolldier?

Sadly this means Scrolldier will eventually shut down too. As it currently stands you can keep on using this site until 21th of March 2016, after that it will shut down too.

Thank you

Thank you guys for using Scrolldier, the positive feedback and constructive criticism has been amazing. 

Special thanks to:

Everybody in the scrollsguide IRC





Your Scrolldier Team

EDIT: Sometime in January -> 21th of March 2016