x3 Mangy Rat
x2 Mire Shambler
x3 Revenant
x2 Scavenger Construct
x2 Shroud of Unlife
x2 Wicked Being
x2 Animovore
x2 Ire And Bile
x3 Loyal Darkling
x3 Mire Curse
x2 Pestis
x1 Sickening Fumes
x1 Soul Scrounger
x3 Brain Lice
x2 Harvester
x3 Ilmire Rot Eater
x2 Anima Conduit
x2 Blightbearer
x3 Corpus Collector
x1 Pest Dissimulator
x2 Irva, Voice of the Dead
x1 Halls of Oum Lasa
x1 Ilmire Witch Doctor
x2 Oum Lasa High Guard



  • Author Yasa_
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 23500
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 3080
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 27
  • Enchantment: 15
  • Spell: 4
  • Structure: 4

Sub Types

  • Human: 14
  • None: 12
  • Undead: 9
  • Beast: 6
  • Destruction: 6
  • Masked: 4
  • Rat: 3
  • Anima: 3
  • Wall: 2
  • Totem: 2
  • Warrior: 2
  • Mystic: 1
  • Lingering: 1


  • Common: 20
  • Uncommon: 17
  • Rare: 13

The point of this deck is to get stuff to kill using Ilmire Rot Eater, which is why I have Animia Conduit and other 1 health and 2 health units. For Mire Curse, you can use it in two ways- to put on your Ilmire Rot Eater to get more kills or to use it on your opponent if you come into a jam and need to clean up the board. Option 1 normally works better for Mire Curse, since opponents will just isolate the enchanted unit away from others. Irva, with all the Revenants from Animia Conduit, gets to attack a decent amount of times and with the amount of Unstable in this deck you can take out one idol that is being well defended without needing to attack.


This is my first deck I've made which works, so any help/suggestions I can get for this deck would be very helpful!