x3 Focus
x3 Resonant Helm
x3 Summons
x3 Crown of Strength
x2 Fleetness
x3 Kabonk
x3 Decimation
x3 Heritage
x3 Infiltrate
x3 Speed
x3 Waking Stones
x3 Warding Stone
x3 Knight Scholar
x3 Pushback
x3 Royal Vanguard
x3 Honorable General
x3 Imperial Resources



  • Author xFLYBOYx
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 31700
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 3960
  • Version 0.133.0


  • Creature: 9
  • Enchantment: 11
  • Spell: 24
  • Structure: 6

Sub Types

  • None: 29
  • Human: 9
  • Knight: 9
  • Destruction: 6
  • Wall: 6


  • Common: 12
  • Uncommon: 15
  • Rare: 23

Alright, this is my trials deck, used it to beat every trial, even pestilence. The name of the game is waking stones+crown of strength+ resonant helm.
once this combo of almighty walls is set up simply stall with the many spells and draws with a fleeted knight scholar until you can either 
1. decimation your way to victory...(takes a while)....or 
2. play general speeds and make some combos to victory!
this is still a testing deck, so feel free to send suggestions or make your own changes like adding arbalestiers to get some ranged damage.
i personall prefer my waking stones and warding stones to look like this. key: C=creature ES=empty Wak=waking stones Ward=Warding stones
C -Wak- Ward
C- Wak- Ward
C -Wak- Ward
tl;dr this is a trials deck to beat all trials, that i used. have the warding stones in front of the waking stones with crowns of strength and resonant helms on the waking stones. play units behind the waking stones to deal idol damage. and decimations too. yes this requires a significant amount of luck to pull of the combos.

summons help greatly. an i deal hand would be either a waking stone or warding stone, 1 or 2 summons. and one of the enchantments needed to stall the waking stones to survive.