x1 Arthritis
x1 Atrophy
x1 Beetle Stone
x1 Bitter Root
x1 Eclipse
x1 Hex Marks
x1 Husk
x1 Infected Gravelock
x1 Mangy Rat
x1 Mire Shambler
x1 Regeniture
x1 Revenant
x1 Ripper
x1 Scavenger Construct
x1 Shroud of Unlife
x1 Slithering Form
x1 Wicked Being
x1 Animovore
x1 Blade Husk
x1 Bloodline Taint
x1 Bog Hound
x1 Cursed Presence
x1 Energy Siphon
x1 Fungify
x1 Grisly Graft
x1 Ilmire Tribesman
x1 Ire And Bile
x1 Languid
x1 Loyal Darkling
x1 Malevolent Gaze
x1 Mire Curse
x1 Pestis
x1 Sanctuary of the Lost
x1 Searing Shackles
x1 Sickening Fumes
x1 Slayer Vestige
x1 Soul Scrounger
x1 Tethered Recruit
x1 Uneasy Alliance
x1 Unforeseen Onslaught
x1 Viscera Sage
x1 Watcher
x1 Arhart's Disciple
x1 Baleful Witch
x1 Blightseed
x1 Brain Lice
x1 Draining Mist
x1 Eager Scryer
x1 Festering Freak
x1 Forbidden Ruins
x1 Harvester
x1 Ilmire Rot Eater
x1 Invocation Sentry
x1 Miasma Well
x1 Monstrosity
x1 Morbid Curiosity
x1 Mudo Fighter
x1 Nuru's Needle
x1 Omen of Damnation
x1 Pillar of Disease
x1 Pillar of Fatigue
x1 Puppet Soldier
x1 Rattle Hymn
x1 Restless Bones
x1 Return To Nature
x1 Soul Steal
x1 Unbind
x1 Void Gate
x1 Anima Conduit
x1 Blightbearer
x1 Corpus Collector
x1 Cursemonger
x1 Damning Curse
x1 Flesh Animator
x1 Ilmire Hunter
x1 Infectious Blight
x1 Pest Dissimulator
x1 Stitcher
x1 Totem of Suffering
x1 Cluster Hex
x1 Irva, Voice of the Dead
x1 Lifestealer
x1 Monstrous Brood
x1 Oblivion Seeker
x1 Halls of Oum Lasa
x1 Ilmire Witch Doctor
x1 Oum Lasa High Guard
x1 Necrogeddon
x1 Reaping Mask
x1 Nuru, Flesh-seamstress
x1 Aging Knight
x1 Banner of Ordinance
x1 Blessing of Haste
x1 Crossbowman
x1 Efficiency
x1 Focus
x1 Horn of Ages
x1 New Orders
x1 Pilgrim's Feet
x1 Powerbound
x1 Purification
x1 Resonant Helm
x1 Royal Infantryman
x1 Sinmarked Zealot
x1 Summons
x1 Caller's Bane
x1 Caravans of the Expanse
x1 Crown of Strength
x1 Divine Mark
x1 Ducal Infantryman
x1 Effigy of the Queen
x1 Faith Blessing
x1 Faith Chains
x1 Faith Duty
x1 Fields of Strife
x1 Fleetness
x1 Flip
x1 Frost Wind
x1 Kabonk
x1 Magnetizer
x1 Mystic Altar
x1 Obelisk
x1 Plate Armor
x1 Pother
x1 Redeploy
x1 Refined Strategy
x1 Reversal
x1 Roasted Bean Potion
x1 Royal Banner
x1 Royal Inspiration
x1 Ruse
x1 Soldier's Bond
x1 Squire
x1 Stifled Advance
x1 Thought Trap
x1 Transposition
x1 Vengeance Veil
x1 Wings Soldier
x1 Wings Spear
x1 Wings Warder
x1 Woodland Memorial
x1 Advantageous Outlook
x1 Aescalon Spires
x1 Callback
x1 Decimation
x1 Desert Memorial
x1 Eternal Sword
x1 Grounds of the Fallen
x1 Heritage
x1 Infiltrate
x1 Mangonel
x1 Metempsychosis
x1 Righteous Partisan
x1 Royal Skirmisher
x1 Royal Spearman
x1 Shrine
x1 Speed
x1 Tempo Theft
x1 Vigor Extraction
x1 Waking Stones
x1 Warding Stone
x1 Wings Shield
x1 Wings Sorceress
x1 Ducal Skirmisher
x1 Ducal Spearman
x1 Gallant Defender
x1 Knight Scholar
x1 Pushback
x1 Reloras, Lord Knight
x1 Wings Captain
x1 Knight Sergeant
x1 Prisoners of War
x1 Royal Vanguard
x1 Stormknight
x1 Wings Charger
x1 Arbalestier
x1 Honorable General
x1 Wings Cleaver
x1 Imperial Resources
x1 Cay, Royal Envoy
x1 Ash Runner
x1 Blast Strike
x1 Copper Automaton
x1 Dust Runner
x1 Gravelock Raider
x1 Potion of Resistance
x1 Rigged
x1 Snargl Brain
x1 Tribal Memorial
x1 Useless Contraption
x1 Vicious Strike
x1 Catapult of Goo
x1 Desperation
x1 Fodder Pit
x1 Golem Skin
x1 Grave Gruel
x1 Gravelock Burrows
x1 Gravelock Guard
x1 Gun Automaton
x1 Hired Smuggler
x1 Inferno Blast
x1 Iron Whip
x1 Law Memorial
x1 Machinated
x1 Machination Mindset
x1 Magma Pack
x1 Metal Heart
x1 Overdrive
x1 Piercing Projectile
x1 Plating
x1 Redesign
x1 Spark
x1 Supercharged
x1 Tool Initiate
x1 Automata Forge
x1 Bombard
x1 Boom Reaver
x1 Cannonetta
x1 Charge Coil
x1 Concentrate Fire
x1 Corrode
x1 Electrify
x1 Ember Bonds
x1 End of Reason
x1 Feedback Jolt
x1 Fulmination Conduit
x1 Fury
x1 Gravelock Outcast
x1 Hellspitter Mortar
x1 Incendiaries
x1 Machine Divinator
x1 Machine Priest
x1 Oculus Cannon
x1 Power Trip
x1 Replicaton
x1 Scattergunner
x1 Scout Automaton
x1 Siege Cracker
x1 Skull Shrine
x1 Snargl Hunter
x1 Snargl Omelette
x1 State Machine
x1 Storm Runner
x1 Tick Bomb
x1 Blind Rage
x1 Burn
x1 Clock Library
x1 Darkstrike
x1 Destroyer
x1 Echomaton
x1 Ether Pump
x1 Hired Marksman
x1 Lockling Brood
x1 Metal Wonder
x1 Proximity Charge
x1 Snargl
x1 Solemn Giant
x1 Stone Enigma
x1 Sudden Eruption
x1 Tempest Reaver
x1 Uhu Longnose
x1 Gravelock Elder
x1 Ironclad Reaver
x1 Machine Chant
x1 Cannon Automaton
x1 Gravelock Freak
x1 Thunder Surge
x1 Violent Dispersal
x1 Iron Ogre
x1 Top Reaver Thea
x1 Beast Rat
x1 Binding Root
x1 Bunny
x1 Clandestine Orchard
x1 Dryadic Power
x1 Elan Vital
x1 Erode
x1 Eye of Eagle
x1 Hymn
x1 Illthorn Seed
x1 Junkyard
x1 Leeching Ring
x1 Ragged Wolf
x1 Vaettr of the Wild
x1 Vitriol Aura
x1 Appurtenance
x1 Bear Paw
x1 Bloodboil
x1 Bountiful Times
x1 Champion Ring
x1 Culling the Flock
x1 Earthbond
x1 Earthen Testament
x1 Eternal Statue
x1 Fjords of Vigor
x1 Frost Gale
x1 Gravehawk
x1 Illthorn
x1 Kinfolk Brave
x1 Kinfolk Ranger
x1 Nog
x1 Nog Nest
x1 Nutrition
x1 Outcast Rebel
x1 Owl
x1 Ranger's Bane
x1 Sister of the Fox
x1 Stag Heart
x1 Unground
x1 Untainted
x1 Vengeful Vaettr
x1 Vitality Well
x1 Breaker
x1 Budding Retreat
x1 Budding Vaettr
x1 Crimson Bull
x1 Crone
x1 Death Cap Berserk
x1 Druid Burial Ground
x1 Earthborn Keeper
x1 Earthborn Mystic
x1 Fierce Tactics
x1 Frostbeard
x1 Mangy Wolf
x1 Noaidi
x1 Rumble
x1 Sand Pact Memorial
x1 Skythorn
x1 Somata Shift
x1 Stone Pact Memorial
x1 Terrene Brute
x1 Totem Mask
x1 Underdog's Spite
x1 Unleash Inner Power
x1 Vilda the Verdant
x1 Wildling
x1 Ancestral Pact
x1 Ancestral Totem
x1 Brother of the Wolf
x1 Earthen Mirth
x1 Essence Feast
x1 Fertile Soil
x1 Oak Blood
x1 Rat King
x1 Rekindled Spirit
x1 Seed of Insurgency
x1 Sister of the Bear
x1 Striped Fangbear
x1 Verdant Veil
x1 Wetland Ranger
x1 Berserker
x1 Great Wolf
x1 Kinfolk Veteran
x1 Quake
x1 Rallying
x1 Gusty Izulr
x1 Sister of the Owl
x1 Kinfolk Jarl
x1 God Hand
x1 Jarl Urhald



  • Author Peteos
  • Scrolls 360
  • Hard Gold Cost 174400
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 22735
  • Version 0.131.0


  • Creature: 129
  • Enchantment: 74
  • Spell: 108
  • Structure: 49

Sub Types

  • None: 130
  • Human: 88
  • Destruction: 29
  • Totem: 21
  • Wall: 16
  • Beast: 16
  • Lingering: 16
  • Kinfolk: 14
  • Soldier: 13
  • Mystic: 11
  • Tribesman: 8
  • Knight: 8
  • Gravelock: 8
  • Displacement: 7
  • Automaton: 7
  • Undead: 7
  • Memorial: 6
  • Artillery: 5
  • Reaver: 4
  • Wolf: 3
  • Masked: 3
  • Vaettr: 3
  • Rat: 2
  • Rebel: 2
  • Anima: 1
  • Bunny: 1
  • Elder: 1
  • Forge: 1
  • Warrior: 1
  • Bear: 1


  • Common: 139
  • Uncommon: 121
  • Rare: 100

This is Ultimate Highlander deck for the latest upadte 0.131.0 (2014-09-26)


We see us at the battlefield :P