x1 Arthritis
x1 Atrophy
x1 Beetle Stone
x1 Bitter Root
x1 Husk
x1 Mire Shambler
x1 Revenant
x1 Shroud of Unlife
x1 Wicked Being
x1 Blade Husk
x1 Bog Hound
x1 Cursed Presence
x1 Energy Siphon
x1 Essence Garb
x1 Ilmire Tribesman
x1 Loyal Darkling
x1 Malevolent Gaze
x1 Pestis
x1 Sanctuary of the Lost
x1 Uneasy Alliance
x1 Arhart's Disciple
x1 Expurgator
x1 Festering Freak
x1 Ilmire Rot Eater
x1 Monstrosity
x1 Omen of Damnation
x1 Rattle Hymn
x1 Cluster Hex
x1 Monstrous Brood
x1 Aging Knight
x1 Blessing of Haste
x1 Crossbowman
x1 Horn of Ages
x1 New Orders
x1 Pilgrim's Feet
x1 Purification
x1 Royal Infantryman
x1 Crown of Strength
x1 Ducal Infantryman
x1 Effigy of the Queen
x1 Faith Blessing
x1 Fields of Strife
x1 Just Conviction
x1 Mystic's Storm
x1 Royal Inspiration
x1 Soldier's Bond
x1 Squire
x1 Stirring Effigy
x1 Thought Trap
x1 Transposition
x1 Vengeance Veil
x1 Wings Soldier
x1 Wings Spear
x1 Advantageous Outlook
x1 Callback
x1 Expedition Guard
x1 Grounds of the Fallen
x1 Mangonel
x1 Proud Mercenary
x1 Righteous Partisan
x1 Speed
x1 Warding Stone
x1 Wings Shield
x1 Wings Sorceress
x1 Ducal Skirmisher
x1 Ducal Spearman
x1 Gallant Defender
x1 Pushback
x1 Knight Sergeant
x1 Stormknight
x1 Wings Charger
x1 Honorable General
x1 Ash Runner
x1 Copper Automaton
x1 Gravelock Raider
x1 Tribal Memorial
x1 Useless Contraption
x1 Vicious Strike
x1 Controlled Lightning
x1 Desperation
x1 Fodder Pit
x1 Golem Skin
x1 Gravelock Guard
x1 Gun Automaton
x1 Hired Smuggler
x1 Inferno Blast
x1 Iron Whip
x1 Machinated
x1 Metal Heart
x1 Pickaxe Volunteer
x1 Plating
x1 Reaver's Treaty
x1 Spark
x1 Boom Reaver
x1 Charge Coil
x1 Concentrate Fire
x1 Electrify
x1 Feedback Jolt
x1 Incendiaries
x1 Machine Priest
x1 Magma Thrower
x1 Oculus Cannon
x1 Scattergunner
x1 Skull Shrine
x1 Snargl Hunter
x1 State Machine
x1 Storm Runner
x1 Tick Bomb
x1 Blind Rage
x1 Burn
x1 Clock Library
x1 Ether Pump
x1 Lockling Brood
x1 Proximity Charge
x1 Snargl
x1 Gravelock Elder
x1 Cannon Automaton
x1 Gravelock Freak
x1 Beast Rat
x1 Dryadic Power
x1 Junkyard
x1 Keen Warden
x1 Ragged Wolf
x1 Vaettr of the Wild
x1 Bear Paw
x1 Champion Ring
x1 Fjords of Vigor
x1 Hunter's Treaty
x1 Kinfolk Ranger
x1 Nog
x1 Outcast Rebel
x1 Raid
x1 Ranger's Bane
x1 Spotted Lynx
x1 Vengeful Vaettr
x1 Crimson Bull
x1 Earthborn Mystic
x1 Frostbeard
x1 Stone Recluse
x1 Underdog's Spite
x1 Wildling
x1 Earthen Mirth
x1 Sister of the Bear
x1 Wetland Ranger
x1 Sister of the Owl



  • Author Ransom
  • Scrolls 145
  • Hard Gold Cost 33400
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 5360
  • Version 2.0.0


  • Creature: 65
  • Enchantment: 21
  • Spell: 44
  • Structure: 15

Sub Types

  • None: 44
  • Human: 42
  • Destruction: 10
  • Lingering: 10
  • Soldier: 9
  • Beast: 9
  • Totem: 7
  • Wall: 5
  • Gravelock: 5
  • Undead: 4
  • Kinfolk: 4
  • Knight: 4
  • Tribesman: 4
  • Mystic: 3
  • Automaton: 3
  • Rebel: 2
  • Vaettr: 2
  • Warden: 2
  • Artillery: 2
  • Masked: 2
  • Memorial: 1
  • Reaver: 1
  • Rat: 1
  • Mercenary: 1
  • Wolf: 1
  • Displacement: 1
  • Anima: 1
  • Cat: 1


  • Common: 104
  • Uncommon: 36
  • Rare: 5

One of each of my currently-available scrolls. PM me in game if you need any of these.