x1 Eclipse
x2 Sleep Moratorium
x3 Kabonk
x3 Pother
x1 Reversal
x3 Advantageous Outlook
x3 Heritage
x3 Infiltrate
x3 Righteous Partisan
x3 Royal Skirmisher
x3 Waking Stones
x3 Warding Stone
x3 Aes Moran Scholar
x2 Ducal Skirmisher
x3 Knight Scholar
x3 Reloras, Lord Knight
x3 Arbalestier
x3 Imperial Resources
x2 Cay, Royal Envoy



  • Author Glitheron
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 30900
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 3825
  • Version 1.3.1


  • Creature: 22
  • Enchantment: 3
  • Spell: 19
  • Structure: 6

Sub Types

  • Human: 22
  • None: 15
  • Knight: 9
  • Wall: 6
  • Soldier: 5
  • Displacement: 4
  • Destruction: 3
  • Mystic: 3


  • Common: 9
  • Uncommon: 22
  • Rare: 19

The main idea of this combo is cycling the entire deck, with at last   6 Order Resources, with Reloras and a couple of creatures in play, and the three  Decay cards in hand. Since you cycle your entire deck, you could save Reloras and your finishers for the last turn, if you do so, you will need more resources.  If you manage to do this, you win. 


Play your creatures, at least three relentless or piercing ones and a Reloras. The Relentless/Piercing must be in a different rows, and each one in contact with Reloras. After that, you must have  6 Order resources free. Sacrifice one of the two Sleep Moratorium for a  Decay Resource, cast Eclipse (now you have  5 Decay), cast the other Sleep Moratorium. At this point, the only card in your graveyard is the first Moratorium, so the Sift only has one option. Cast again this Sleep Moratorium targeting the second one, and repeat that until your Reloras build up your creatures enought for taking down an idol with a single shot (80+ in the case of Arbs, it would be a lot less with some Relentless creature).


Each card in this deck fullfils a role: Combo piece (Sleep Moratorium, Reloras, Eclipse), Defense (structures), Finishers (Relentles and piercing creatures) and Drawing (All other scrolls). Drawing is very important, since we need to reset the graveyard by cycling the entire deck. Imperial Resources is here a very important piece, since it gives you some Idol heal, two steps ahead cycling your deck and a little, but crucial, late ramp. Since we lack of true working creatures, copies of Cay and Reversal are dropped. The first one rarely triggers, since we don't actually want to "enter in combat", and the second one is kind of useless.