x3 Keen Warden
x3 Ragged Wolf
x3 Vaettr of the Wild
x3 Kinfolk Brave
x2 Nog
x1 Owl
x3 Spotted Lynx
x1 Crimson Bull
x3 Earthborn Keeper
x3 Keeper's Pledge
x3 Overgrown Menhir
x3 Steelwood Vindicator
x2 Wildling
x2 Ancestral Totem
x3 Earthen Mirth
x2 Striped Fangbear
x3 Wetland Ranger
x2 Great Wolf
x2 Kinfolk Veteran
x3 Rallying



  • Author wbmc
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 18800
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2620
  • Version 1.3.1


  • Creature: 35
  • Enchantment: 3
  • Spell: 7
  • Structure: 5

Sub Types

  • Human: 19
  • Beast: 13
  • None: 7
  • Warden: 6
  • Wolf: 5
  • Kinfolk: 5
  • Totem: 5
  • Vaettr: 3
  • Cat: 3
  • Lingering: 3
  • Rebel: 3
  • Bear: 2


  • Common: 28
  • Uncommon: 12
  • Rare: 10

My take on aggro Growth utilizing Overgrown Menhir and Keepers Pledge. The deck plays pretty staightforward, use Menhir to play your 1cd creatures with cd 0 for big surprise attacks (veteran-like), and to get your 2cd guys ready to attack next turn, putting great pressure on your opponent. Keepers pledge basically is a Crimson Bull every turn. This will get your Earthborn Keepers up to huge amounts of attack, but it's also great with 1cd units which you can also haste with Menhir now (even Owl). The deck contains 9 1-drops, 9 2-drops and 9 3-drops, so playing 2 creatures per turn isn't hard.


This deck (obviously) shines in early game, you can kill everything your opponent plays while you keep dealing more and more idol damage. Great Wolf and Steelwood Vindicator should help you deal that last bit of idol damage, along with Rallying.