x2 Eye of Eagle
x2 Champion Ring
x3 Fjords of Vigor
x2 Gravehawk
x3 Kinfolk Ranger
x2 Nog
x3 Nog Nest
x2 Owl
x3 Sister of the Fox
x2 Crimson Bull
x2 Skythorn
x1 Somata Shift
x3 Underdog's Spite
x1 Unleash Inner Power
x1 Vilda the Verdant
x1 Wildling
x3 Earthen Mirth
x1 Fertile Soil
x2 Oak Blood
x2 Sister of the Bear
x1 Verdant Veil
x1 Quake
x2 Rallying
x2 Gusty Izulr
x3 Sister of the Owl



  • Author Noir_CZ
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 18900
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2645
  • Version 1.2.11


  • Creature: 21
  • Enchantment: 9
  • Spell: 15
  • Structure: 5

Sub Types

  • None: 20
  • Human: 15
  • Kinfolk: 11
  • Beast: 6
  • Lingering: 3
  • Wall: 3
  • Totem: 2
  • Mystic: 1
  • Destruction: 1


  • Common: 29
  • Uncommon: 10
  • Rare: 11

Tried to make a deck only with female characters, or characters that seemed to pass as female (don't judge me, small monitor) and some pets and spells.


It probably lacks in monsters. I guess I should also switch out the Gravehawks for Nogs, perhaps?


Update 6.6.2015 - I think I will keep the Gravehawk because they are relentless. Removed some spells and statues and added Nogs and their Nests instead of those plus Eagle eyes and Fertile Soil