x3 Summons
x3 Fleetness
x3 Woodland Memorial
x3 Heritage
x3 Gallant Defender
x3 Royal Vanguard
x3 Clandestine Orchard
x2 Eye of Eagle
x3 Frost Gale
x3 Sister of the Fox
x3 Stone Pact Memorial
x3 Brother of the Wolf
x3 Fertile Soil
x3 Rat King
x3 Kinfolk Veteran
x3 Quake
x3 God Hand



  • Author blacob
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 24800
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 3275
  • Version 1.2.1


  • Creature: 15
  • Enchantment: 6
  • Spell: 23
  • Structure: 6

Sub Types

  • None: 20
  • Human: 15
  • Kinfolk: 9
  • Memorial: 6
  • Destruction: 6
  • Knight: 3
  • Lingering: 3


  • Common: 23
  • Uncommon: 9
  • Rare: 18

So I noticed some people playing the Fleetness/brother of the wolf combo recently and they seemed to have decks designed to work with it but i felt like the most important thing a combo deck needs is card draw and resource acceleration. on the flip side, i've been playing the GO arbalestier deck and I have felt like i wanted more ways to win the game once I've gotten all the mana and cards i need, and so it seemed like the two had answers to each other's problems so here is my marriage of the two archetypes that i have seen.


The idea is pretty straight forward. you accelerate your way into quakes and frost gales until you stabilize and then you close out the game with either royal vanguard and god hand per classic GO arbalestier or you make a board full of wolves (which, to be fair, works better with god hand too).


(PS: comments are welcome. this deck still feels like it may need tweaking and i'd love to hear opinions)