x3 Bitter Root
x3 Infected Gravelock
x3 Mangy Rat
x3 Revenant
x3 Ripper
x3 Scavenger Construct
x1 Ilmire Tribesman
x3 Loyal Darkling
x3 Pestis
x2 Soul Scrounger
x2 Draining Mist
x3 Festering Freak
x3 Harvester
x3 Ilmire Rot Eater
x2 Anima Conduit
x3 Corpus Collector
x2 Stitcher
x3 Lifestealer
x1 Oum Lasa High Guard
x1 Nuru, Flesh-seamstress



  • Author 2030_
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 17300
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2440
  • Version 1.2.1


  • Creature: 35
  • Enchantment: 5
  • Spell: 2
  • Structure: 8

Sub Types

  • Human: 17
  • Beast: 9
  • Undead: 9
  • None: 7
  • Wall: 6
  • Masked: 6
  • Gravelock: 3
  • Rat: 3
  • Anima: 3
  • Totem: 2
  • Warrior: 1


  • Common: 28
  • Uncommon: 15
  • Rare: 7



This deck revolves around your troops dying, and buffing your rampaging backline. It focuses on having flimsy, annoying frontline characters, picked specifically to die and empower the rest of your more powerful units.  




Earlygame it is vital that you slap down as many cheap units as you can. Your ripper, revenant, and mangy rat will serve as expendable wimpy troops, along with your invected gravelock and the rest of the low-cost cards. Placing that scavenger construct down as quickly as you can, and surrounding it with as many things as you can to get it fed, is vital to take the upper hand. If you do it right, you'll soon have an invincible wall with super-strong creatures behind it. You want to try to bide time until you get 4-5 decay, and then you will place your corpus collector and  lifestealers down.

   The early game structure should look somewhat like this:





Mid game is your time to shine. You should have a strong backbone of your stronger troops in the back, behind a strudy line of structures and weak creatures. Try to place your rot eater right in the middle of everything, and get him as strong as you can. Mainly, you want to delay and prepare for when you get sticher. Try to save soul scroungers if you can, because they will help you a lot. 

   Your midgame structure should somewhat resemble this:





Your stitcher will probably be one of your most vital units. Hopefully, you will have prepared for him, and have a nice slot in the back, cushioned by a few weak units, and soul scrounger if you saved it. The stitcher and rot eaters work hand in hand, and have amazing synergy. What you generally want to do, is put your worst troop right in the middle of everything. Have your rot eaters and scavenger construct nearby, if you can, because that will make sticher's ability even better. You want to stitch the poor fellow right in between your feasting units (I call units that profit off of death feasting units), and put the buff on whichever one is about to attack next, or the one which you want to have a little bit more health so you can put him in the front line. If the sticher has soul scrounger (or even two!) he can stich almost every turn, even multiple times. Having a harvester in the back line is really good too, as every time you stitch he's gonna be counting down. 

   How you and where you should stitch:




Basiclly, in this deck, the goal is to get your feasting units as strong as possible by using flimy, cheap units. Sticher with soul scrounger will sacrifice your weakest character to the surrounding rot eaters and scavenger constructs, and hopefully help your harvester count down. The anima conduit and nuru will help you to keep a good flow of sacrifices going. 



I would imagine that you could tinker around with this deck and make it your own, there are probably better ways to do it than what I have put here. This is basiclly a good deck to start off with, but you could add different scrolls if you wanted. Some things which could be changed include:


    Ilmire Tribesman- If that's your cup of tea you could add more, or take it out if you don't like it for whatever reason


    Pestis- Basiclly threw this in here to make the deck 50. It's alright on some of your more powerful units, but if you find you don't like it, trash it. 


    Loyal Darkling- Could replace with something better, probably


    Draining Mist- I think it's really good, but is not ESSENTIAL to the deck 


    Watcher- Would probably be really good to combo with the sticher


If you have any feedback, this is my first real deck i've uploaded, so I am very open to suggestion! Happy scrolling!   :D