x3 Crossbowman
x3 Focus
x2 Horn of Ages
x2 New Orders
x3 Ducal Infantryman
x3 Effigy of the Queen
x3 Fields of Strife
x3 Kabonk
x3 Reversal
x3 Royal Inspiration
x3 Squire
x2 Transposition
x3 Wings Spear
x3 Righteous Partisan
x3 Ducal Skirmisher
x3 Ducal Spearman
x3 Stormknight
x2 Wings Charger



  • Author Fudge
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 5000
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 1250
  • Version 1.2.0


  • Creature: 26
  • Enchantment: 0
  • Spell: 21
  • Structure: 3

Sub Types

  • Human: 26
  • Soldier: 17
  • None: 10
  • Displacement: 5
  • Totem: 3
  • Lingering: 3
  • Destruction: 3
  • Knight: 3


  • Common: 50
  • Uncommon: 0
  • Rare: 0

This is the main deck I've been using in the Minions tournament, using common scrolls ONLY. 


The Minions Tournament is a fun, new, casual tournament that everyone is welcome to join.   This creates a unique format to play under, and is a lot of fun.   It's also easy for anyone to get into, becuase the scrolls are affordable.  If you'd like to participate, it's happening every Friday evening at 10 PM Pacific time.  To join, show up in the chat channels "fml-info" and "fml-chat" at least 15 minutes before start time.  It's hosted by Ramen, and a lot of fun.  Come join us!


A few people have asked me about this deck, so here is is.   I have a couple variants of this deck that only differ by a couple of scrolls.  But those I've included here gives quite a bit of board presence with a lot of movement/manipulation of not only your own side, but your opponent, too. 


It's good to swap a few scrolls out for the Resonant Helm, Pilgram's Feet, or Purification, if you think you'll be matched up against a poison Decay deck. 


I hope to see your Minion decks!


Let me know if you have any questions.