x3 Efficiency
x3 Thought Trap
x3 Infiltrate
x3 Tempo Theft
x3 Copper Automaton
x3 Gravelock Guard
x3 Hired Smuggler
x3 Law Memorial
x3 Machinated
x3 Cannonetta
x3 Charge Coil
x3 Fulmination Conduit
x3 Oculus Cannon
x3 Power Trip
x3 Burn
x3 Solemn Giant
x2 Top Reaver Thea



  • Author Wuxian
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 27500
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 3495
  • Version 1.2.0


  • Creature: 17
  • Enchantment: 3
  • Spell: 18
  • Structure: 12

Sub Types

  • None: 18
  • Human: 8
  • Automaton: 6
  • Totem: 6
  • Gravelock: 3
  • Memorial: 3
  • Tribesman: 3
  • Artillery: 3
  • Destruction: 3
  • Reaver: 2


  • Common: 15
  • Uncommon: 18
  • Rare: 17



This deck expands on the idea of the big creature energy deck featured in the last ESL and the Oum Lasa Open.


The general idea is that you use the order utility spells to manipulate countdown.

What good does something like that do for you?

Well, you can for example play a Fulmination Conduit, Tempo Theft it and a Solemn Giant and just pay 2 to make your Giant attack and still have a 6cd Conduit which enables big plays for the next round.

Thought Trap is just an experiment at this stage, but you get the idea.

You could play Infiltrate on your Conduit and Thought Trap for at least 8 Energy. It could also just be used on opponent creatures.


This deck has a high potential to enable big plays, but can be risky to pull off, since you are not guaranteed to ramp up in Energy quickly. I consider this a gimmick deck.


Detailed uses of scrolls


  • Charge Coil, Gravelock Guard and Burn are your tools to widdle down creatures and keep control.
  • Copper Automaton is intended as pseudo removal or as a target for Tempo Theft.
  • Machinated on Cannonetta or Thea eliminate entire rows. Efficiency here helps to get that one more important damage for the piercing damage.
  • Fulmination Conduit is the key scroll of this deck. You can use every bit of Countdown Manipulation to get insane ramp in Energy. The only problem here is that you don't have infinite draw ;) (it helps to be able to just put it into Solemn Giants of to play hasted Giants)
  • Hired Smuggler helps to keep your tempo up by drawing those important key structures of the deck. Targets are: Fulmination Conduit, Law Memorial, Oculus Cannon


Countdown Manipulation

Tempo Theft, Thought Trap and Infiltrate are used to hinder your enemy or enhance your own units.

I thought about replacing Thought Trap with Blessing of Haste, which might be better.

I just could not get over the one time I got 28 Energy from Fulmination Conduit after double Thought Trap, which got me two Hasted Solemn Giants and a Thea in one turn.


Charge Coil and Copper Automaton are nice targets for Tempo Theft if you want to haste one of your units. Tempo Theft also allows you to increase the CD on Fulmination Conduit to give you more energy, apart from its usual application to increase enemy CD.