x3 Revenant
x3 Wicked Being
x3 Languid
x3 Loyal Darkling
x2 Searing Shackles
x2 Sickening Fumes
x3 Tethered Recruit
x2 Arhart's Disciple
x3 Eager Scryer
x2 Forbidden Ruins
x2 Harvester
x3 Ilmire Rot Eater
x2 Anima Conduit
x3 Sinmarked Zealot
x3 Caller's Bane
x3 Faith Chains
x3 Mystic Altar
x2 Vigor Extraction
x3 Warding Stone



  • Author Uzotru
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 22700
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2945
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 22
  • Enchantment: 14
  • Spell: 6
  • Structure: 8

Sub Types

  • None: 18
  • Human: 14
  • Undead: 5
  • Totem: 5
  • Anima: 3
  • Mystic: 3
  • Beast: 3
  • Wall: 3
  • Lingering: 2
  • Masked: 2


  • Common: 17
  • Uncommon: 24
  • Rare: 9

Help me with this motha****

Hey there! So, i'm kinda mesmerized by idol hate decks and found them reaaaally funny to play. I got some ideas from here and there and did this aggro/idol piece.


Things i love in it:

1 - Mystic Altar + Eager scryer is the most op card buy combo i thought of myself. i love it. You buy 3 cards per turn and its free to focus on resource generation. I could be a little fast, because 3 Order and 3 Decay are a boring to reach (or 2order 2 decay 1 wild).

2 - While this combo doenst start, i got little somethings to work my Scryers, get them to the frontline and start hurting people. This badass attacks each turn normally, so Callers Bane get a little scary if the enemy doenst keep up Scryer's mobility. Always a wonder to see a Forbbiden Ruins in times like this.
Vigor Extraction can also make use of the Scryer for free Decay resource and Blightseed can work up some comebacks for your with the extra current Decay plus 3 cards next turn.

3 - Rot eaters + Anima are an old community's friends (or foe), Faith chains and Wicked Neing can addup real nice with those Revenants.

4 - This deck got a good amount of defense maneuvers with lots of Unstable meat-shields to use.


Things that messes me up:

1 - I thought Sinmarked Zealots would shine... and they do nothing, most of time. i can't see them as priority, and they need a set up to enter the bord (like a previous Anima, Haverster, Darkling or Rot Eater. If i add a Watcher, the deck loses the Aggro part, and would end up like all the "idol hates".

2 - the Aggro part really need a improvment, it's really rare for me to hold the board control. I win, bu is really a close call everytime. Dominance is really hard to achieve.


If you guys help me to improve these, it would be noice.