x3 Ripper
x2 Scavenger Construct
x2 Animovore
x1 Bloodline Taint
x2 Bog Hound
x2 Cursed Presence
x3 Ilmire Tribesman
x1 Languid
x3 Loyal Darkling
x1 Sickening Fumes
x1 Viscera Sage
x3 Arhart's Disciple
x1 Blightseed
x2 Brain Lice
x1 Harvester
x2 Ilmire Rot Eater
x3 Nuru's Needle
x1 Soul Steal
x1 Blightbearer
x2 Cursemonger
x1 Ilmire Hunter
x1 Pest Dissimulator
x1 Stitcher
x2 Lifestealer
x3 Oblivion Seeker
x2 Ilmire Witch Doctor
x2 Necrogeddon
x1 Nuru, Flesh-seamstress



  • Author danatron1
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 21700
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2890
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 32
  • Enchantment: 8
  • Spell: 8
  • Structure: 2

Sub Types

  • Human: 27
  • None: 13
  • Mystic: 5
  • Beast: 4
  • Undead: 3
  • Destruction: 3
  • Wall: 2
  • Masked: 1


  • Common: 22
  • Uncommon: 17
  • Rare: 11

After buying "Touch of Nuru" and unlocking the starter you will be able to build this deck, do not go and buy it on the black market!


This decay deck is miles better than the 4000g one from last time, with witch doctors and necrogeddons included, as well as all the late game humans it can fit. Protect your harvesters, center units around rot eater and witch doctor, and only use the scavenger construct + animovore combo early on, or before a necrogeddon. as a general rule you don't want more than 2 units you're surrounding stuff around at a time, having scavenger constructs, witch doctors and rot eaters at the same time will crowd things, so when playing, pick 2 of them, not all 3. Soul steal, Nuru's needle, Languid and Brain lice are there to control the board, and blightseed is there for ramp. Use Ilmire tribesman as a meat-shield and nothing more, and darklings to finish off idols when you're locked out of a game. Infectious Blights, more harvesters, and maybe a watcher or two are good things to spend money on to improve this deck further, as well as most the other stuff you find on Mono Human Decay lists, as that is what this deck is trying to be.