x3 Ragged Wolf
x3 Vaettr of the Wild
x1 Bloodboil
x3 Champion Ring
x3 Kinfolk Brave
x3 Kinfolk Ranger
x3 Outcast Rebel
x2 Vengeful Vaettr
x2 Breaker
x3 Crimson Bull
x1 Druid Burial Ground
x3 Earthborn Mystic
x1 Rumble
x2 Wildling
x2 Ancestral Totem
x1 Brother of the Wolf
x3 Sister of the Bear
x2 Verdant Veil
x2 Wetland Ranger
x1 Great Wolf
x3 Kinfolk Veteran
x3 Rallying



  • Author danatron1
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 20400
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2760
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 34
  • Enchantment: 6
  • Spell: 7
  • Structure: 3

Sub Types

  • Human: 25
  • Kinfolk: 15
  • None: 12
  • Vaettr: 5
  • Rebel: 5
  • Beast: 4
  • Wolf: 4
  • Mystic: 3
  • Totem: 2
  • Wall: 1
  • Displacement: 1


  • Common: 24
  • Uncommon: 16
  • Rare: 10

After buying "Rise of Urhald" and unlocking the starter you will be able to build this deck, do not go and buy it on the black market!


This deck is built like Aggro Growth, which means this will naturally play a lot faster than the others, and doesn't punish the noob mistake of going for idols before creatures as much. The playstyle for this deck is easy to learn and improve upon, focusing on the idea of rushing 1 countdown units and buffing them up, this deck even has the wildling combo, you can play enchantments on fast attacking creatures, or hasted units, to win any DPT race you enter. If you have success with this and wish to improve it further, Fangbears, Gravehawks or Vildas will be worthy additions once you earn the money to improve it, Although you can add whatever you feel you like in the deck, because if something works well, or you find it easy to play a certain style, stick to it!