x2 Ragged Wolf
x2 Vaettr of the Wild
x3 Champion Ring
x2 Fjords of Vigor
x2 Kinfolk Brave
x2 Nog
x2 Nog Nest
x2 Owl
x3 Stag Heart
x1 Budding Retreat
x2 Crimson Bull
x3 Earthborn Keeper
x2 Earthborn Mystic
x2 Rumble
x2 Skythorn
x2 Terrene Brute
x2 Vilda the Verdant
x2 Wildling
x1 Ancestral Totem
x3 Earthen Mirth
x2 Rat King
x1 Rekindled Spirit
x2 Striped Fangbear
x2 Wetland Ranger
x1 Great Wolf



  • Author Magpieman
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 19400
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2640
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 26
  • Enchantment: 9
  • Spell: 10
  • Structure: 5

Sub Types

  • None: 14
  • Human: 13
  • Beast: 11
  • Mystic: 4
  • Wolf: 3
  • Lingering: 3
  • Totem: 3
  • Vaettr: 2
  • Kinfolk: 2
  • Wall: 2
  • Displacement: 2
  • Bear: 2
  • Rebel: 2


  • Common: 24
  • Uncommon: 18
  • Rare: 8

The humans in the forest have to be quick to survive, and even quicker on the battlefield. The beasts here are ferocious with sharp pointy teeth, which you wouldn't want to be caught by. Now Vilda has united them to protect their home from being destroyed. The deck is full of creatures that attack every turn, maximising the value from all the attack buffs. You also gain numerous benefits from playing creatures thanks to Skythorn and Budding Retreat, so you quickly flood the board with threats. It even includes huge beasts such as Great Wolf, which help break down even the toughest of defences.