x3 End of Reason
x3 Ragged Wolf
x2 Fjords of Vigor
x3 Kinfolk Brave
x3 Kinfolk Ranger
x3 Nog
x3 Sister of the Fox
x3 Earthborn Keeper
x3 Mangy Wolf
x3 Noaidi
x2 Sand Pact Memorial
x3 Terrene Brute
x1 Wildling
x3 Earthen Mirth
x3 Rat King
x3 Wetland Ranger
x3 Great Wolf
x3 Kinfolk Veteran



  • Author Sysp
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 19800
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2740
  • Version 1.2.0


  • Creature: 37
  • Enchantment: 3
  • Spell: 8
  • Structure: 2

Sub Types

  • Human: 22
  • Beast: 15
  • Kinfolk: 15
  • Wolf: 9
  • None: 6
  • Destruction: 3
  • Rebel: 3
  • Lingering: 2
  • Memorial: 2


  • Common: 28
  • Uncommon: 10
  • Rare: 12

Basically my  Orchard Growth deck with the Orchards taken out and combined with a very quirky board clear in  End of Reason. 


Never sac for Energy in this one (use the Noaidis and Sand Pacts when you need to cast EoR) and only use the End of Reasons when needed, either as a comeback or as a finisher to clear in front of the last idol on a stall board. Since your creatures are usually on 0 countdown, it will most often only clear their side - leaving you with attackers to take out the stragglers and idols.




Updated after Mystic nerf. Been playing this one again now, it feels as strong as ever in the current meta. Currently sitting at rank 2 with it (~1900 rating).


-3 Earthborn Mystic

+3 Kinfolk Ranger


Easy swap after Mystic nerf. I get the same stats (2/2/3) from Ranger for one less Growth. Mystic's ability was never that important, it was really the 4 Health that made it shine.


-1 Vaettr of the Wild

+1 Wildling


This one I'm more uncertain of but Vaettr hasn't really impressed me for the functions I wanted it to fill (curve smoother, counting down Brute, cheap bolstering of Keeper). I'll try a single Wildling in it's place instead for now.




+1 End of Reason (up to 3)

+1 Sand Pact Memorial (up to 2)

+1 Nog (up to 3)

-2 Kinfolk Ranger (down to 0)

-1 Vaettr of the Wild (down to 1)


Have now gone up to 3 End of Reasons and 5 enablers (3 Noaidi + 2 Sand Pacts). Find myself wishing to draw into either piece of the "combo" more often in a lot of matchups. Shifted one Kinfolk Ranger into a Nog to trigger Fangbear slightly less often.