x3 Mangy Rat
x3 Ripper
x2 Scavenger Construct
x2 Animovore
x1 Blade Husk
x2 Bog Hound
x2 Ilmire Tribesman
x3 Pestis
x2 Uneasy Alliance
x2 Unforeseen Onslaught
x2 Arhart's Disciple
x3 Blightseed
x3 Brain Lice
x3 Eager Scryer
x2 Miasma Well
x1 Morbid Curiosity
x2 Nuru's Needle
x3 Infectious Blight
x1 Totem of Suffering
x1 Cluster Hex
x1 Monstrous Brood
x2 Oblivion Seeker
x2 Necrogeddon
x2 Junkyard



  • Author BasuraNephilim
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 19700
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 2715
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 18
  • Enchantment: 16
  • Spell: 9
  • Structure: 7

Sub Types

  • None: 19
  • Human: 12
  • Destruction: 6
  • Beast: 5
  • Mystic: 5
  • Wall: 4
  • Rat: 3
  • Undead: 3
  • Totem: 3


  • Common: 27
  • Uncommon: 12
  • Rare: 11

(work in progress and first attempt at a serious description for a deck)

(Suggestions are always welcome in the comments)

(I've got a few ideas to swap out a few cards for others, but that might just be personal prefference, feel free to post suggestions about that too!)



I came up with an idea for a deck involving rats. I didn't have the proper cards (not enough ratkings) and I couldn't get it to work with a mix of green.

This is the compromising result of that.
Mixed results, but it does fairly decent against most other decks.


Ways to play through the early game / hands


The early game can go a few ways

  1. Creature heavy
  2. Poison heavy
  3. Turtle heavy
  4. Carddraw heavy
  5. Perfect


1: When you start the game out with a hand full of cheap creatures, roll with it. Use rippers to attack medium threats and block low damage creatures, while rats hide behind them.  Ilmire tribesmen are body blockers too. Use poisenous rats to bite from behind the wall of creatures. Try to get a creature amped up with pestis or uneasy alliance if you need that extra bite. Prefferably those cards are for the scryer, who can attack every turn.


2: Use poisenous cards like brainlice, rats and miasma wells to wittle down the opponents.  Hope they don't have heals. Try to build up your resources, creatures and draw. idealy you're looking to transition with a scryer with blightseed with an illmire or boghound bodyblocking for them.


3: Put a scavenger construct down, animovore it. Put weenies around it to get your carddraw going. (really any creature will do, but try to keep your scryers alive behind the structure or in hand). Keep holding on, with your creatures dying for more cards, with you trying to build up resources, using spells and attacks vs the most dangerous constructs. You want to go into a carddrawing frenzy with scryer and blightseed at some point.


4: Creature / Scryer with uneasy alliance + Morbid curiosity with blightseed nearby. Protect your blightseeded target, try to ramp us as quickly from it as you can into a steady stream of cardraw and resources for the spells you need.


5:It's hard to describe, there's no real starting hand for this, it's all based on luck of the draw. Every card at the right time. Opponent has little boardclear and creatures, allowing you to build up a few creatures, maybe an animovored flesh construct and an early scryer + blightseed.


Ways to take down your opponents idols

Arhart constanly beating down on front row enemies, hurting the idols (this is if the opponent turtles very heavily and you can't clear the board)

You turteling around an animovored flesh construct + totem of suffering protected or out of focus.

Direct damage, Pestus is one heck of an upgrade on a scryer when there's a few rats out. More rats, more damage and attacks every turn!

Necrogeddon + Rats. Get them rats, gets lots of them, unleash necrogeddon.

Want to be more cheesy than that? Necrogeddon + rats + totems of suffering (+Necrogeddon + Monnstrous brood) If you absolutely want their idols gone.



Your biggest weakness are buildings. You can't poison them, you can't Slay them with unforseen onslaught, and if you don't have buffs (+rats for pestis) on your scryers, you'll have a hard time getting through those.


Card explanation


  • Junkyard

In there to beef up your rats if you see fit. Situational at best since you want your rats to be sacrificial most of the time. (animovore + fleshconstruct. Totem of suffering. Necrogeddon. Monstrous brood) The up part is that you only need one growth. Invest once in growth when you don't need to draw or sac for decay and you'll be able to plop this puppy down whenever.

NOTE: Unforseen assault will not trigger when you put junkyard out. Your rats will be 2-2-2 Unforseen only procs on 1 damage!!!


  • Scavenger construct

Draw mainly. It's not even for blocking things, though it can be used for that in a pinch. This plus animovore allows you to turtle down hard, or provide you that extra draw you might want. This card can be sacced early if you think you won't need to turtle or won't need the extra draw. 


  • Blade Husk

Situational, but at the begin game you can use it for a meatshield or sacrifficial. This thing is in there to provide that extra umpf if the opponent turtles up and  you're in a stalemate. This thing serves as a battering ram, especially when dominion is already in effect.


  • Bog hound

Begin game unit, body blocker. Cheap, 2-2-3, It can block, it can attack low health and is just decent in general. This scroll is cost efficient for you in the sense that it can easily block 2 damage and 1 damage opponents, have a chance to attack, or be sacrificial to your animovore construct for draw.


  • Illmire Tribesman

Meatshield. Don't expect him to attack. He blocks and dies.


  • Miasma well

Blocks for your creatures, helps you out when you need to rely more heavily on poison. Simple and clean. It brings utility that should put the board presence towards your favor.


  • Morbid curiosity

If you want more than 1 draw out of this, scryer with uneasy alliance or pestis


  • Pestis

Rats, rats, rats. Prefferably dump this on a Scryer. They will attack often and benefit most from it. You can use it on a small creature if you have a lot of rats, if you need to clear out something quickly. You'll want one or two of these on the field with scryers at some point. When saccing, don't guard these jealously but keep in mind when you'll need one.


  • Uneasy alliance

Slam this on a scryer for high damage every turn. This can be used to kill off a high health opposing creature as well, by enchanting them and getting your own enchanted creature killed.


  • Arhart's Disciple

3decay  3-2-3 Less efficient as your hound. This is a good target for pestis in a hurry. These are in the deck to be able to wittle down your opponent in a stalemate. You'll slowly VERY slowly win the game.


  • Eager Scryer

Bread and butter. Get this out and get this protected. Pestis + mangy rat for some damage, or slam him with Uneasy alliance (+pestis) and morbid curiosity and have card draw with your creature killing. To slam your game into the lategame, get one of these out, protect it well and hit him with blightseed. You get cards from his own passive + the Blightseed cards. That and some extra Decay to spend.


  • Unforseen onslaught

Situational. I don't use this a lot, but it works when you've got enough rats out and the opponent is looking to block you off fairly heavily. This can also be used with an unbuffed scryer. Use this with pestis (with no rats out) to get your first rat out!


  • Blightseed

Slam this on a Scryer for great carddraw. You can use it on other creatures, but scryer is most effective. This catapults you into the lategame and gets your deck going like mad. Always be sure that whatever creature you put this on, is protected! This card won't benefit you if they die before your next turn!


  • Oblivion seeker

Block and carddraw. Don't expect him to attack. He's nothing more than a glorified cardraw and damage prevention. If the opponent refuses to attack him, animovore him. Units around him die, you get some carddraw and if he draws enough, you'll get two extra cards. If not, he'll become a target and you'll still have your draw.


  • Necrogeddon

late game finish and boardclear. Rack up on rats, or just slam all your cheap creatures out. Activate this, preferably with a totem of suffering. It's a strong killing move.


  • Monstrous brood

Panic card or finisher. Humans and beasts are the only cards in your deck. This card can trigger your totem of suffering by turning all your weak 1-2-1 rats into 3-2-3's that buff each other. Wouldn't advice to use this on your humans as they are tanky and durable of themselves mostly (or equally to the monstrosities). A plus is that, after a Necrogeddon, if the opponent is still alive, you either :  Kill them outright with a totem of suffering, or turn all the 3-3-2's into solid 3-2-3's into self buffing creatures that are allowed to attack a bit earlier.