x1 Aging Knight
x1 Banner of Ordinance
x3 Blessing of Haste
x3 Crossbowman
x2 Effigy of the Queen
x3 Kabonk
x2 Mystic Altar
x2 Roasted Bean Potion
x1 Royal Inspiration
x3 Wings Spear
x3 Wings Shield
x3 Wings Sorceress
x3 Ducal Skirmisher
x3 Ducal Spearman
x2 Reloras, Lord Knight
x3 Wings Captain
x2 Knight Sergeant
x3 Royal Vanguard
x2 Stormknight
x3 Wings Charger
x2 Arbalestier
x1 Honorable General
x2 Wings Cleaver
x1 Cay, Royal Envoy
x3 Ash Runner
x3 Copper Automaton
x3 Dust Runner
x3 Gravelock Raider
x2 Catapult of Goo
x3 Gravelock Guard
x3 Gun Automaton
x3 Hired Smuggler
x3 Law Memorial
x3 Spark
x3 Tool Initiate
x3 Automata Forge
x3 Boom Reaver
x2 Cannonetta
x3 Concentrate Fire
x3 Ember Bonds
x3 Gravelock Outcast
x1 Hellspitter Mortar
x1 Machine Divinator
x1 Machine Priest
x2 Oculus Cannon
x3 Replicaton
x3 Scattergunner
x3 Scout Automaton
x3 Snargl Hunter
x2 State Machine
x3 Storm Runner
x2 Clock Library
x3 Echomaton
x2 Hired Marksman
x2 Lockling Brood
x2 Snargl
x2 Uhu Longnose
x2 Gravelock Elder
x1 Cannon Automaton
x1 Top Reaver Thea



  • Author SuperScientist2
  • Scrolls 142
  • Hard Gold Cost 58500
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 7930
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 104
  • Enchantment: 6
  • Spell: 12
  • Structure: 20

Sub Types

  • Human: 71
  • Soldier: 23
  • Tribesman: 16
  • Automaton: 16
  • Gravelock: 15
  • Knight: 13
  • Totem: 9
  • None: 9
  • Destruction: 9
  • Artillery: 5
  • Reaver: 4
  • Mystic: 3
  • Memorial: 3
  • Forge: 3
  • Beast: 2


  • Common: 70
  • Uncommon: 41
  • Rare: 31

This is When Chaos Breaks lose.


(CAUTION) Contains gunfire, sweet blades, and maybe even a burning village. :D