x2 Aging Knight
x2 Fields of Strife
x3 Wings Soldier
x3 Wings Spear
x2 Aescalon Spires
x3 Desert Memorial
x2 Shrine
x2 Speed
x2 Wings Shield
x1 Wings Captain
x3 Wings Charger
x2 Imperial Resources
x2 Gravelock Raider
x2 Gravelock Burrows
x3 Gravelock Guard
x2 Corrode
x2 End of Reason
x3 Gravelock Outcast
x2 Siege Cracker
x2 Snargl Omelette
x1 Uhu Longnose
x2 Gravelock Elder
x2 Gravelock Freak



  • Author XOplasma
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 25400
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 3360
  • Version 1.0.0


  • Creature: 29
  • Enchantment: 0
  • Spell: 14
  • Structure: 7

Sub Types

  • Human: 16
  • Gravelock: 13
  • Soldier: 12
  • Lingering: 6
  • None: 6
  • Memorial: 3
  • Knight: 2
  • Totem: 2
  • Destruction: 2
  • Tribesman: 2
  • Wall: 2


  • Common: 24
  • Uncommon: 6
  • Rare: 20

"50 Order & Energy scrolls. Mainly based on Knights and Gravelocks including Reloras, Lord Knight and Uhu Longnose.
At the Aescalon Spires a great war is taking place: Gravelocks versus Knights are in a fierce battle for the Demon Shards in the Spires when suddenly they notice a great army approching, and Irva,Voice of the dead leading it! The Gravelocks and Knight decide to finish their dispute later not wanting Irva to get her hands on the Demon Shards. A powerful deck using both the pure power and streangth in numbers of the Gravelocks whilst keeping control over the field with the Knights"