x2 Copper Automaton
x3 Potion of Resistance
x3 Overdrive
x2 Spark
x3 Automata Forge
x3 Charge Coil
x3 Hellspitter Mortar
x3 Machine Divinator
x3 Oculus Cannon
x3 Power Trip
x2 Skull Shrine
x3 Burn
x3 Clock Library
x3 Ether Pump
x3 Solemn Giant
x3 Machine Chant
x2 Thunder Surge
x3 Violent Dispersal



  • Author Crext
  • Scrolls 50
  • Hard Gold Cost 33200
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 4140
  • Version 0.133.0


  • Creature: 8
  • Enchantment: 6
  • Spell: 18
  • Structure: 18

Sub Types

  • Destruction: 13
  • None: 9
  • Totem: 9
  • Artillery: 6
  • Automaton: 5
  • Forge: 3
  • Human: 3
  • Tribesman: 3
  • Lingering: 2


  • Common: 12
  • Uncommon: 12
  • Rare: 26

For todays Hard Trial.

First thing that you must focus on doing in this trial is to clear your opponents board using removal spells/ether pumps/charge coils. Once this is done and you have good control of the board you can focus on idols. The easiest ways to get the an idol early on is with an oculos cannon, you probably won't need to use  overdrive on it as the AI wants you do hurt yourself with unground and you move in to its path. Be sure not to play too many structures as you don't want your oculos too strong that you kill all your structures. The best way to pick off the last idol is with a solemn giant to pick off an 8 health idol without regard to unground.


-This deck is in no way a guaranteed win for todays Hard Trial.


Also beat the trial with this stupid deck I made in 1 minute http://scrolldier.com/deck/1549


Electrify Corrode is another good idea (stolen from Ironballs :P)


You can beat the trial with this deck http://scrolldier.com/deck/1551 but..... its really boring as the only win condition is beetle stones. If you take out nog nest/other useless structures and add in decimations and burns (for the piercing and machinated units) you should be able to beat the trial easily enough. Gameplay -------> http://i.imgur.com/uqxAD71.png