x1 Ash Runner
x1 Blast Strike
x1 Copper Automaton
x1 Dust Runner
x1 Gravelock Raider
x1 Potion of Resistance
x1 Rigged
x1 Snargl Brain
x1 Tribal Memorial
x1 Useless Contraption
x1 Vicious Strike
x1 Catapult of Goo
x1 Desperation
x1 Fodder Pit
x1 Golem Skin
x1 Grave Gruel
x1 Gravelock Burrows
x1 Gravelock Guard
x1 Gun Automaton
x1 Hired Smuggler
x1 Inferno Blast
x1 Iron Whip
x1 Law Memorial
x1 Machinated
x1 Machination Mindset
x1 Magma Pack
x1 Metal Heart
x1 Overdrive
x1 Piercing Projectile
x1 Plating
x1 Redesign
x1 Spark
x1 Supercharged
x1 Tool Initiate
x1 Automata Forge
x1 Bombard
x1 Boom Reaver
x1 Cannonetta
x1 Charge Coil
x1 Concentrate Fire
x1 Corrode
x1 Electrify
x1 Ember Bonds
x1 End of Reason
x1 Feedback Jolt
x1 Fulmination Conduit
x1 Fury
x1 Gravelock Outcast
x1 Hellspitter Mortar
x1 Incendiaries
x1 Machine Divinator
x1 Machine Priest
x1 Oculus Cannon
x1 Power Trip
x1 Replicaton
x1 Scattergunner
x1 Scout Automaton
x1 Siege Cracker
x1 Skull Shrine
x1 Snargl Hunter
x1 Snargl Omelette
x1 State Machine
x1 Storm Runner
x1 Tick Bomb
x1 Blind Rage
x1 Burn
x1 Clock Library
x1 Darkstrike
x1 Destroyer
x1 Echomaton
x1 Ether Pump
x1 Hired Marksman
x1 Lockling Brood
x1 Metal Wonder
x1 Proximity Charge
x1 Snargl
x1 Solemn Giant
x1 Stone Enigma
x1 Sudden Eruption
x1 Tempest Reaver
x1 Uhu Longnose
x1 Gravelock Elder
x1 Ironclad Reaver
x1 Machine Chant
x1 Cannon Automaton
x1 Gravelock Freak
x1 Thunder Surge
x1 Violent Dispersal
x1 Iron Ogre
x1 Top Reaver Thea



  • Author Puttanesca
  • Scrolls 90
  • Hard Gold Cost 43500
  • BM Gold Cost 0
  • Shards 5675
  • Version 0.133.0


  • Creature: 32
  • Enchantment: 16
  • Spell: 26
  • Structure: 16

Sub Types

  • None: 24
  • Human: 16
  • Destruction: 15
  • Tribesman: 8
  • Automaton: 7
  • Gravelock: 7
  • Totem: 6
  • Artillery: 4
  • Reaver: 4
  • Wall: 3
  • Lingering: 3
  • Memorial: 2
  • Forge: 1
  • Beast: 1
  • Elder: 1


  • Common: 35
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 25

Highlander Energy


One of each (90) Energy scroll after waypoints.